Expertized control system

The operation and control of the whole machine adopts intelligent algorithm software,and features more convenient operation.

Possess independent and core technologies of EDM,Be dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of Electrical Processing


Mirror Series

As the high-end model for mould workshops, it adopts special mirror machining circuit with powderless mirror machining, and features ultra-precise surface, high mirror, ultra-precise edge, super clear angle and effective machining. The cutter lifting speed of the main axis reaches 10m/min, and the high speed cutter lifting is capable of effectively removing impurity, achieving effective and stable discharge as well as high quality surface.


Graphite Series

As the effective model for mould workshops, it adopts special graphite machining circuit with the high speed coarsemachining 3 times faster than copper, and high speed finish machining 5 times faster than copper. The product features machinability, and is capable of achieving complicated geometric shape with light weight, its density is less than 1/4 of copper, which is easy for clamping with electrode, and can reduce the amount of single electrodes since they can be bundled as the combined electrode.


Hard Alloy Series

As the high-end model for mould workshops, it adopts special hard alloy machining circuit with crackless and ultra-high machining, and features ultra-precise machining and low electrode consumption。


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