The operation and control of the whole machine adopts Smart algorithm software,

And features more convenient operation

The machine tool adopted widest for the mould workshops 


Constant stability: the Z axis of the machine tool adopts Mitsubishi AC servo motor with imported grade C3 ball screw. 


The complete discharge system is formed with quality electrical discharge expertized controller: it features special function when assessing the discharging spark


Fast speed: the speed for finish machining is 2-3 times faster than common electrical discharge machine


With concise system interface, the product features excellent operatability

Items unit ZNC-430
Working slot (L*W*H) mm 1370*670*450
Work table size  mm 700*400
XYZ axis working travel (single head)  mm 400*300*180
XYZ axis working travel (double head) mm  
Lowest and highest points from main axis to the work surface       mm 180-580
Max weight of electrode  kg 150
Max weight of workpiece kg 1000
Dimension of machine tool (L*W*H) mm 2700*1500*2400
Total weight of machine tool  kg 1800
Positioning precision:   ≤0 .005mm test standard GB/T5291.1-2001
Repeat positioning precision:   ±0 .005mm test standard GB/T5291.1-2001



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